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Beautiful Chelsea.

Now that Chelsea and Mirza are happily married, I can finally share a few favorites from the bridal shoot Chelsea had! XOXO Chelsea and Mirza! (And thank you Kim and Tamra for assisting! 🙂 ) Chelsea and Mirza are high school sweethearts (those are their homecoming mums!).

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Rodney+Courtney – Wedding II

Part I is here. Courtney and Rodney’s questionnaire responses and wedding vendor links follow the images! ​ – XOXO. Courtney and Rodney’s most memorable moment: Courtney: When Rodney couldn’t get through the vows! It just showed me how much he cared and how much they meant to him! Rocked my world! Rodney: When Courtney first […]

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Rodney+Courtney – Wedding I

Rodney and Courtney were married in front of their family and friends at the gorgeous Inn on Lake Granbury. The whole day was full of love…and I can’t thank Courtney and Rodney (and their families and friends) enough for being so completely and totally wonderful. Special note to Courtney, Rodney, and their families and friends: […]

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Brad + Randi, Wedding Part II

Brad and Randi married in the Moslah Motor Corps Building in Fort Worth, Texas. Their ceremony post is here. Brad and Randi were mobbed (in the most loving way possible) by their friends and family shortly after they came down the aisle. The couple and their guests enjoyed a super-tasty dinner and wedding cakes from […]

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January 24, 2012 - 10:53 pm

Rachel - I love these pictures. This couple looks like they had so much fun and the love they have for each other is obvious! Wonderful work! And congrats to the super adorable couple!

Brad + Randi, Wedding Part I

On the last Friday in 2011, Brad married Randi in front of their families, friends, and Shrine family (three groups that, for Brad and Randi, are one in the same) in the Moslah Motor Corps Building in Fort Worth, Texas. Randi and her mama started the day getting their hairs done at Amazing Grace Salon, […]

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January 20, 2012 - 4:01 pm

Randi Felmey - Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!! Thank you Monica!! We are so very lucky to have you capture our day with such care!! We love you and welcome to the family!!!!!